I love the Food Network. But good grief do I hate to watch Emeril Lagasse. He rarely cooks anything worth eating and he’s less funny than he thinks he is.

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  • Saratogan said it best (above). I am thrilled that a celeb like Emeril understands from whence the good fortune comes. We need to emulate the successful rather than tear them down. He has succeeded and now helps others to get ahead, not a handout! His tribute and cookoffs for the armed forces was wonderful and a much needed show of support by the American people. He is in a position to make a difference and he is doing just that. Go Emeril!

  • Where the hell did this come from? I’m disappointed to say the least at such a random and uninformed nasty comment…

    1. I doubt if you’ve ever actually eaten anything Emeril cooks or you wouldn’t make a ridiculous blanket statement like you did–I’ve eaten food he’s prepared while attending show tapings, when he’s been in the kitchen at Emeril’s in New Orleans, and at his apartment in NYC, and it’s all been incredibly good.

    2. The fact that he’s single-handedly made the Food Network what it is today (not my opinion, the opinion of senior management at Food Network and Scripps) indicates he doesn’t care whether he’s funny or not…he’s an award-winning chef who happens to have an entertaining personality, consistently draws top ratings for Food Network and has for eight years.

    3. Emeril is one of the best examples there is of someone who can succeed in the free market through hard work–he is opening his tenth restaurant this month, has published 11 best-selling cookbooks, is an accomplished television personality who generates tremendous advertising revenues for Food Network, has a dozen licensees he works with on everything from high end cookware to pasta sauces, and regularly donates millions of dollars to children’s charities to give disadvantaged kids a start in learning culinary arts and improved education. Not bad for a working class kid from Fall River.

    4. It might interest you to know that Emeril is one of us–a very conservative Republican (as are virtually all of the senior people in his New Orleans headquarters organization) who believes in free enterprise, low taxes, and personal liberty and responsibility.

    Save your trash talk for the libs and the victimology crowd, not someone who has built himself a net worth of over $175 million before the age of 50 through hard work and determination, not handouts or being born into a life of privilege.

  • Man, first me, than my man BAMMM! I have a few cookbooks and I have only cooked a few things and I never watch him but Nanny loved him for some reason.

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