Winners and Losers


John McCain won. Let’s not dance around this. Mitt Romney shined, he stood out, he did well. Rudy Giuliani imploded. Rudy totally and utterly self-destructed tonight. He had many chances to get in good with the core base of Republican voters and ignored every moment.

But McCain cuisine reigned supreme. He served up a dish of anger, a willingness to criticize, and a desire to fight — hard.

But let’s be honest. Who really won? Fred Thompson. None of the men on that stage really stood out tonight. Tancredo, Ron Paul, Tommy Thompson, and Jim Gilmore just made you wonder why on earth they were there.

Duncan Hunter boosted his profile.

John McCain was willing to be blunt, critical, and honest.

But not one of the men on stage rose to a level to really stand out. That keeps people salivating for someone else. Right now that someone else is named Fred Thompson.

And tomorrow night he will stand on stage in Orange County, California to deliver what I’m hearing is going to be an amazing and powerful speech. He’ll have the bully pulpit and CSPAN to himself — not having to share the limelight.

The word on the street tonight at the Reagan Library is that it is getting too late for Fred Thompson to enter the race. He will try to change that dynamic tomorrow.

And if he doesn’t? Advantage to McCain. I can’t believe I just wrote that.

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  • Ron Paul has just posted the following message for all of his Demanders:

    I have been invited to participate in the First-in-the-South Republican Party Presidential Candidates Debate sponsored by the South Carolina Republican Party. The debate will be held on Tuesday, May 15th and will be televised on FOX News.

    Please refer to the event page for updates on the debate.

    Thank you.

  • When clicking link above scroll down and see that out of over 26k voters, Ron Paul came in a close second behind Romney.

  • Erick,

    Have you looked at the MSNBC Poll? McCain did not win with about 13k pollers last time I checked. Romney was ahead on every question with Ron Paul running second! Ron Paul is the choice of the internet bloggers.

    McCain is the John Kerry of the Republican Party. If you want to wear flip flops around your neck, then he is your man. McCain wants to amend the Constitution for people to run for President that are not natural born citizens. McCain wants to pack a cabinet with Democrats. My gosh, Erick, have you hit your head on the cabinet trying to work on your Mac. Take a tylenol, and recover from your concussion because McCain makes the Republican Party look like a sinking Titanic! Gee I could go on and on. Ha!

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