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I once heard Margaret Thatcher say that should anyone in politics every tell you to think outside the box, fire them immediately. I’ve always thought that was sound advice. Her point was that there are few new ideas, but many old ideas needing to be remembered or rethought.

That’s what I think of with this logo. It’s new — Web 2.0 without the pastels — and very clean, but it’s not something unheard of. There is some traditional anchorage in it. (You all know my love of logos and campaign signs) And it’s all compliments of the Stoneridge Group, the best damn mail house/design shop in Georgia. Thanks very much guys. I love the colors and I love the look.

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  • The logo looks great. Good luck with the campaign.

    I hope you have a shot at getting the radio gig replacing Kenny.

  • I like that a lot. It’s very unique, but also very professional. People can laugh at your campaign sign fetish, but to me that’s one of the most important decisions – especially in a local race. That one image can effect a large number of people’s opinion of you without them ever having seen you personally. That’s a great choice.

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