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I just don’t buy the veganism defense. I think the DA nailed it. Hear me out on this one.

We know that poor people have worse diets than rich people. We also know that Lamont Thomas and Jade Sanders were not rich people — at least I deduce this because if they were rich the trial would have been more sensationalized by Nancy Grace. Veganism is, overwhelmingly, a trend among the idle rich and those who are really into some serious environmentalism. Now, I don’t know anything at all about Mr. Thomas or Ms. Sanders. They very well could have been idly rich or seriously in to environmentalism, but I really doubt it given that there was no significant media coverage of the case and I expect that there would have been had either been a seriously committed greenie or rich.

I would suggest that giving birth in a bathtub without a doctor, etc., etc., etc. is not an indicator of wealth and I just have a suspicion that they aren’t serious greenies. So, I’m suspecting that their clever defense of veganism was just that, a none too clever by half defense that the jury did not buy. And in the process, the cult of veganism continues to get a bad rap.

This reminds me of that scene in Notting Hill where Hugh Grant’s character goes out with that woman who is so far extremely a vegan that she won’t even eat fruit unless it has fallen of its own volition from the branch — lest she be accused of murdering the plant.

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  • Here again, we have the issue of people assuming to know every subset of a certain group of people. There are some poor black people who are vegans, and vegetarians, and who don’t believe in going to the doctor because of certain fears.

    Some of these people are educated; some are not so much.

    In the Venn diagram of life, it is quite possible that there are young, black, not-so-rich, conspiracy theorist-who-associate-as-little-as-possible-with-the-outside-world people who did not have the wherewithal to recognize that their very first child was not growing at the rate of a normal newborn.

    Rich, white folks don’t have the market cornered on that.

    But this is the society that decided that a Duke graduate’s life was “ruined” when he was acquitted of a crime, allowed to graduate, and offered a job on Wall Street.

  • Well, I am a trickle down vegetarian. I only eat vegatables, or animals that eat vegatables, or animals that eat animals that eat vegatables. In the new Testament, Jesus took away all of the laws concerning what we could or could not eat. Who am I to disagree.

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