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I’ve joined a mens Bible study, which is great. Most people don’t realize that I rarely leave the house. I work from home and rarely go out with friends in the evening, most of whom are in Atlanta or Washington anyway. So, this is great progress.

In any event, the Bible Study meets every other Thursday. I told Christy this after the first gathering and she mocked this as being a typically man thing to do. By having it “every other Thursday” instead of, say, the first and third Thursday of each month, it made things difficult to plan around in her mind. In my mind, it makes things easy — I just set the schedule in my Calendar program and it’ll map out the whole year.

“Pfffft,” was basically Christy’s response.

Last night Christy headed off to her Bible Study, which, being a womanly thing, meets on the first and third Monday of each month. At some point yesterday afternoon, one of the girls in her Bible Study pointed out that it was actually the fifth Monday in April, not the first Monday on May. So they went to eat out together instead.

Had they just decided to meet every other week they wouldn’t have had that problem, would they? I pointed this out to Christy in email, but she refrained from responding.

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  • You are SO going to sleep outside for the next week. Ha! Actually, this may have been our clever way of deciding that 5th Mondays should be celebrated as 5th Monday night with the girls. We had such a great time. And don’t get me started on the man whose life came to a screeching halt and who missed every appointment he had for days because the Mac crashed.

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