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Matthews has asked some of the most worthless questions of any debate moderator ever — including the “should Bill Clinton be back in the White House?” WTF type of question is that to ask at a GOP debate? What the hell?

Please notice that the Democrats ran and hid from Fox News and the GOP has graciously subjected itself to a moderator who was grew up in politics as a partisan Democratic political hack and a network that airs Keith Olberman.

Oh, and now we get to watch Keith and Chris provide their commentary about how worthless the GOP is.

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  • Well yes, Chris Matthews is Mr. Softball and is so far left that I wrote and told him a couple of years ago that we would no doubt collide if we were driving toward one another. Terrible, terribe, terrible is MSNBC with having Fineman and Olberman. If they are going to host a Republican debate, then it should be conservative commentators! But still, Ron Paul had the best one liner “why would I want Clinton back in the White House, when I voted to impeach him.” LOL

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