Sunday at Home


We didn’t make it to church this morning. Evelyn and I are both under the weather — allergies turned to colds, I think. Evelyn, I’m pretty sure, has an ear infection. I’ll have to take her to the doctor tomorrow.

Ear infection notwithstanding, Evelyn was a ball of energy this morning. She chased me around the house and then expected me to chase her. Once she got bored, she grabbed my car keys, grabbed her day care bag, said, “Bye bye Daddy,” and headed to the front door with gusto, determined to go somewhere more exciting.

Once she learned the door was locked and she had no idea how to unlock it, she headed for the piano to bang out some somber notes of her disappointment. She plays with relish, enjoying every key. And now that she’s figured out how to swivel her butt in the chair, she can go from the low notes to the high notes with no problem — pausing only temporarily to wave to the photo of her grandparents.

And some point (Christy was just waking up during all of this), I had to go to the bathroom. Evelyn, being bored with whatever was on TV (Face the Nation on CBS), knew she was not allowed to play with remote control. So she did the only reasonable thing — grabbed it and started the trek upstairs for Christy to change the change the channel chanting something about Dora and telling me bye bye again. Evelyn got half way up the stairs (or so it sounded from my throne in the bathroom), when Christy heard her and came after her. In all the commotion, Evelyn abandoned the remote control five steps up from the first floor in favor of her pooh-bear and the luxury of her parents’ bedroom.

Ah, distractions. And now nap time for Evelyn. Perhaps for me too.

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