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I have gotten FAP and Linda to agree on a subject.

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  • Well FAP, fyi, the founders wanted to make sure that the Methodist did not overrun the Catholics or the Baptist overrun the Presbyterians and vise versa. I know because I was there! So prove I was not. I age rather nicely or that is what my friends and relatives tell me. That would make me about 231, I suppose, as I quit counting at 150. Have a wonderful day, Amigos.

  • Hola Senora Linda. Feel free to speak here, we won’t tell the INS. If anyone asks your family has been here for 200+ years. Right Erik, wink wink.

    And where is Jesus mentioned in the Declaration of Independence? I mean if you’re going to base a nation on a religion why hide it. Why not quote scripture in the constitution or mention an apostle, even a lesser apostle would do. On the contrary it seems the founders went out of their way to separate religion with public service/life.

    Linda Christianity is a very nice religion (it’s on my top 5 list!) but it’s not the basis of our nation and that takes nothing away from either.

    Adios Linda (if that is your real name). And don’t worry, your family’s secret is safe with us.

  • http://www.ushistory.org/declaration/document/index.htm

    Ok, FAP, you are getting on my nerves again, but you must be dipping those nachos into some bad stuff so I’ll excuse you. The “blessings of liberty” in the Constitution’s Preamble comes directly from our Declaration of Independence that was written what 14 years earlier (and by the way my family was hear before the Declaration of Independence-you see they fought and died for that Constitution and Declaration that you try to spit on). So you see with out the liberty from our fighting for our independence that was granted to us because of our faith in the Creator (see the Declaration), then we could not have been free to write a Constitution. Comprendo?

    If we would have had wise people to close the borders to people like YOU, we would not have to debate this issue that is a given by all of us that know the TRUTH. Now, you go on and finish some nachos and try not to choke on your ignorance. Happy now Erick? By the way, Erick, are you putting this fool up to aggravating me?

  • Well Linda maybe your founding fathers put God in your Government but when you immigrated to America you really should have read our Constitution. The American founding fathers didn’t include either the word God or Jesus in the American constitution. Heck the only mention of it is to say religion can’t be used as a qualification for any public office and that the Government should let people pray to any darned thing they feel like. I personally like Odin.

    While America is melting pot and we welcome the unwashed masses it behoves you to become familiar with our laws if you wish to stay in our country. We’ll let it slide this time.

    Here’s a quick link to that little ditty we like to call the corner stone of the American nation.


    P.S. Blind Faith? Meh. Last time I tried that Ganesha delt from them bottom of the deck at our Poker night. We didn’t mind too much though, he makes great nachos. Heck I even think he’s a republican.

  • The founders did not leave God out of our government, FAP. I do not need to be first at anything because I understand that in the end the last shall be first and that the meek shall inherit the earth. God is your God, my God and everyone’s God. Those that choose to defame that which is true will face greater persecution than those in the dark that have not been exposed to the Holy Bible, most especially the four Gospels. How do I know that? It is called blind faith; it is called life’s experience; it is called trusting the Lord because he has not let me down yet.

  • Linda who’s God and who’s interpretation of God’s will*? That’s why the founders wisely kept God out of Government.

    I fear those that truly believe they know the will of an infinite being and wish to impose that insight on me.

    *As long as it’s my interpretation I’m okay with it. Anyone want to line up and have me mete out the will of God? Linda you’re first right?

  • We could all agree more if we put God first and then truth would be more important, family second, being an American third and politics should be last. There is no need to be scared of me, FAP. LOL

  • I’m shocked and a little scared 🙂

    Happy Easter. Hopefully we’ll all use this time of renewal to remember what brings us all together and put aside partisanship. While we may differ we are all Americans and not enemies.

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