I Did Not Know I Was A Liberal


I think someone is confused. Otherwise I need to go have an abortion and burn a flag or something like that. Isn’t that what the liberals do these days?

Geez. Do I have to start talking about social justice too?

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  • I just made a donation to Ron Paul for President to put my money where my mouth is. Yes, I am jacksplitting this thread or whatever you call it, Erick. But I am passionate about fighting for America, and I hope that you all get on board, too. Can’t you hear “Yankee Doodle” being played in the streets? Can’t you envision Patrick Henry being proud that our Country could become once again a place of pride, a place with real culture and a place that is not phony and plastic?

  • Pass the word: Ron Paul is the man with the plan. Congressman Paul raised $500k after being on CSPAN. Send him some money!!!!!!!! If you are not a liberal and you want this country to go in an America first direction for a change, then a Ron Paul/Tom Tancredo would be the ticket to victory. If we keep on with this Power ego game, we will lose in 2008! I don’t care for a GOP win, I want an American win! What say you people?

  • You might be a liberal if:

    You think tax dollars come from a faucet in D.C.

    You are only 24 and already a natural grandmother.

    You think that Hillary is fiscally conservative.

    After having 14 children, you named your 15th child John, Jr. after your oldest son John because you could not think of another name.

    You think that Rosie O’donnell should be Secretary of State.

    and drum roll please for FAP, you actually think that RedState would be stupid enough to cover subpoenas to fuel the liberal fires for the liberal trouble makers.

  • Hey Erik what the heck is up with redstate? I browse the site fairly often to see what’s going on in the so-con sect of the party and right now I don’t see anything on the subpoenas.

    You guys don’t have an opinion yet? Did the RS echo chamber break:)

  • Sssshhhhh. Linda! No one was suppose to know about that. Doggoneit! You must be an agent of Chimpy McBushhitler. And the world is getting too warm. We must go to Canada to avoid the evil.

  • Hey I didn’t know I was a liberal until the So-Cons took over the party and pointed it out to me.

    Good thing the Republican Party didn’t need North Eastern Republicans.

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