Abandoned Us


Written in jest because I know they’ll read it.

Christy and I went to First Presbyterian this Sunday. We’ve been dealing with the church issue and what we feel is a growing need to have Evelyn interact with kids her age and us interact with people our age. Christy has friends in this Sunday School class and I know a few folks in there. It seems like a natural fit. Of course, with our traveling schedule, we’re not very regular attendees of church in town lately — and we have no intention of bailing on Vineville. Nonetheless we went.

And Dennis wasn’t there. Sarah wasn’t there. Rob McEwen, to whom I owe a phone call (sorry Rob, if you’re reading), wasn’t even there. Just Christy and me. More doughnuts for us, basically. I wonder if they knew we were coming? Hmmmm…. Heh.

In any event, Chip Miller preached a great sermon. The lady in the nursery bragged about Evelyn. That always makes me feel good.

Of course, this coming week, we’ll be with family.

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  • Oh yeah, I’m SURE that’s what happened. Sarah, are you reading this??? What are we going to do with our guys? I don’t even know where to begin.

  • We boycotted Sunday School this week because of the lack of doughnuts and coffee last week…we felt we had to send a message to the class. That king of oversight will not be tolerated.

    On the other hand, I have figured out why we keep missing each other. God has decided that two sexy redheads would be too much even for the virtuous women of our class to resist. We are kept apart for the good of the class.

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