Who Knew They Were Even There?


Seriously, do these people really exist?

As the flap over alleged anti-Catholic writings by two John Edwards campaign bloggers devolves into a shouting match between conservative religious voices and liberal bloggers, some members of the “religious left” say they feel – again – shoved to the margins of the Democratic Party.

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  • It won’t be long…we’ll be hearing about the “rise of the religious left.” We really should’ve seen this coming sooner.

    We’re part of a generation of “Christians” that have been raised with weak and incorrect views of God, Scripture, and the Church. The majority of churches in recent years have placed so much emphasis on evangelism that they have forgotten the primary purpose of the Church. Worship services have become marketing campaigns for expanding membership, with no regard for care of the existing body of believers. Church is treated as a self-help seminar, or a “re-charge” for the rest of the week. More emphasis is placed on emotional experience than sound Biblical teaching.

    It’s no wonder we’re seeing a trend to the left within the Christian mindset. Our churches are producing “believers” who have no idea what they believe or why they believe it. When the message from the pulpit is designed to make us feel good, and come back next Sunday, the end result is a body of “believers” who have no defence against distortion of Scripture.

    Combine that with the increasingly popular trend of interpreting Scripture based on our own human ideas of what’s right and fair, and the idea that Scripture is more of a guidline than God’s infallible Word, and you have the “rise of the religious left.”

    I thank God every day that He has placed us in a church with leaders that are committed to a Biblical church model and methodology. I just wish more believers would recognize the dangers of the current climate in most churches – forget Global Warming, this is Global Church Warming…its cause is definitely man-made and the implications much more serious.

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