The Potemkin Presidency


&#8220We are a great and good people. And we have an even better chance this time than we did then, with no great internal crisis and no great external threat.&#8221

          — Bill Clinton at the Democratic
          National Convention, August 14,

Just stop and reflect on that quote for a minute. Clinton had just indicted the Reagan legacy by saying that under his administration we had a better chance of moving the country forward and, because of the state he was leaving the country in, with no threats anywhere, we could proceed.

“No great external threat.” Those words were uttered only a year and about one month before the greatest attack against American citizens in the continental United States by a foreign enemy that domesticated itself while Clinton was busy getting on his jiggy.

And yet, his wife is now running for office and Democrats, who always claim it’s Rush Limbaugh and the wingnuts obsessing over Clinton, want Bill to replace Hillary in the United States Senate. The man who fell asleep at the switch of American National Security — the Democrats want him to take over for his wife.

The Democrats just endorsed a slow bleed policy and want the guy who famously wrote of his loathing of the military to sit in the Senate. And it’s not just that — they are having serious orgasms from Paul Begala to Larry Sabato. So much for the Democrats even pretending to be strong on national security. And the only reason Clinton seems interested in any of it is because when he hears the lefties want to screw the troops, he takes them seriously.

I hope Bill Clinton stops by RedState and reflects on that quote, the lives lost because he was too busy running around the Oval Office with his pants around his ankles to do anything substantive or hard, and then reads Bill Sammons’ article. Then, when he thinks about his legacy, I hope he is reminded that despite all the adoration heaped upon him by the left, at the end of the day the Democrats are trying to find somewhere to stick him so he can do no more harm. Sadly, they think the best place is in the Senate where Clinton and Byrd and wipe oatmeal off eat others’ faces.

That is Bill Clinton’s true legacy. It was a Potemkin Presidency.

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  • FAP,

    You have absolutely no concept of the terrorist threats that our United States have been under for the past twenty years. Clinton undermined our national security, and would have long ago been hung from a tree if their were patriots in control of our country instead of a bunch of wussie libs!

  • Compared to the Soviet Union the terrorists in 1999 were more akin to a street gang. Able to do damage but not threaten our existence.

    Sadly all it took to dismantle some of national values was an attack, which while heinous and terrible killed less then than 0.002% of our citizens, and red state cowardice.

    Prime example. When ad hoc bag searches of NYC subway riders started for the most part it was the New Yorkers who were most in danger that stood up for the 4th amendment and the cowardly Red Staters that caved under terrorist threats and reduced our constitution.

    Score one for the terrorist and shame on us.

By Erick Erickson

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