Poor Little Rich Girl


LOL! Thanks to Instapundit I found the blog of the weirdo who caused a scene at the Blog to the Chief thingy I went to in Kansas. So we’re there and this girl labels us all as rich white men, until someone corrected her that one of the panelists was a women. So we were rich white people not reflective of anything.

Now, on her blog (irony bells going off), she’s criticising us for

talk[ing] endlessly about how blogging is SO VERY VERY different from the mainstream media. They talked endlessly about how blogging is CHANGING politics in America.

Of course that was the point of why we were invited. It’s not like she was forced to come out for the event. And are we surprised by her liberal use of all caps?

Now, here’s the funny bit:

I traveled to the Dole Center and watched in horror as four rich (though several insisted to me that they are NOT wealthy; however, by world standards they ARE ALL disgustingly wealthy), middle-aged, white men and one, rich, middle-aged, white woman talked about political blogging and how blogging is changing America and how awesome bloggers really are!

First, I’d like to point out that I’m 31. Not exactly middle aged and only four years older than this paragon of virtue.

Second, by world standards she too is quite wealthy. I don’t know what she makes and she doesn’t know what I make, but I’d venture to say that she is (A) very envious of others (B) very out of touch and (C) has trouble throwing a ball due to the enormous chip on her shoulder.

I think, at the end of the day, she really just wanted her 15 minutes of fame and the very polite moderator having to demand she shut up gave her exactly what she wanted.

Oh, one more thing, however, Ms. “More In Touch With Working People Than Anyone Else” wrote:

one of the uber-crazy-conservative-republican bloggers said, “I can’t help the way I was born.”

Actually, that was Jerome Armstrong, the uber-crazy–liberal-democrat blogger who said that.

And on this point:

How many single mothers do you know that have the time or ability to blog about political events? How many mainstream working-class Americans do you know that have the time or ability to blog about political events?

She proves how little she pays attention to anything other than her own screeds. Um . . . LaShawn Barber? Lorie Byrd? To name just two out of hundreds of thousands.

This girl needs our prayers.

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