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So the Mayor of Macon has converted to Islam and wants the very uninspiring name of Hakim Mansour Ellis. Even the terrorists on 24 have cooler names than that!

So, let’s pick a new name for C. Jack — gotta be a name of Arabic heritage.

I vote for Abdul Fathi Ellis.

Hakim Mansour, btw, means Insightful Victorious.

What do you pick?

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  • WE should be dropping flyers over Iraq and Afghanistan, etc., telling the Muslims the truth about Jesus. He’s not just any prophet. He’s the exact reflection of God, His Father, the Prince of Peace, holds all things together, including all the planets in their orbits and has been “given all authority” in Heaven and over Hell. Suicide bombers are not martyrs, but murderers. They go straight to Hell when they die, not to Heaven! Pray for our enemies and all unbelievers that they will by the power of the Holy Spirit come to know Jesus as the only way to Heaven and life everylasting! And that as St. Paul said of our Lord, “Come quickly!” I say also, “come soon!”

  • Oh stuff it Abdifatah, what are you going to do to make the United States a better place to live? You only want to suppress others, and that is not religion at all. Why aren’t you in Paris burning some cars?

  • This is absolute bigotry on your part…No matter what Islam is here to stay..Soon you will see us in every part of the United States political and economical life…In the meantime you and bigots like you can dwell in a state of ignorance …

  • If he’s married, does his wife wear the veil? Just think of Nancy Polosi in the Muslim veil or Hillary. May not be such a bad thing?

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