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  • Yes, FAP I do read the KJV of the Holy Bible frequently. And Jesus does not tell us to be a door mat for the satans of the world. Revelation is happening right now.

  • Linda I hope you read the bible more closely than you read our posts, though it would explain somethings if you didn’t . . . is just one type of religious jibe that I would never make cause it’s mean.


  • The Nation of Islam is nothing but a racist group of black muslims such as Farakhan that hate, let me repeat that HATE white people. In 1995 Farakhan pointed to the White House during the Million Man March and said “the White House will oneday be the Black House.” And don’t you fools think for a minute that one part of science stands true, and it is called survival of the fittest. It is time for all goody two shoed, wish washy, Utopian brain infested whites to get their heads out of their rear ends and realize that this is a race war that we are in today. There is nothing that fits the fairy tale ending like Snow White in this game called life. So FAP, you going on pretending that someone that practices in the NOI camp gives a flip about your well being, and pray that there will be someone willing to save your butt when the time comes for the racial war that is coming.

    What you see in France and the rest of Europe is a mirror for the wise to see for the future of our third world country that is on the horizon. Wake up!

  • Maybe I can’t read a map but where is the “Nation of Islam” located? Longitude and latitude would be helpful. Google Earth can’t seem to find it either.

    I applaud your use of “they” and “our”. Nothing makes an issue more clear than putting it in Us VS Them terms.

    For the record I’m against THEM and for US.

    Both of us need to be never careful that we never become one of the nebulous them.

  • Maybe this is the number one reason for my high blood pressure. The nation of Islam has declared war on our way of life. They have attacked and murdered thousands of innocent Americans simply because they were Americans. Every day we hear from their leaders that we and our infidel children deserve to be massacred because of our religious beliefs. Our soldiers are dying in the name of Allah every day, and we are the bigots…unbelievable.

    I would say that I am surprised by our illustrious mayor’s latest decision, but it’s just par for the course in what has become a truly impressive display of idiocy. I heard someone on the local radio show call in to defend Hakim this morning. He argued, quite eloquently as you can imagine, that “Mayor Ellis” is still “Mayor Ellis”, whether his homeboys call him C.Jack or Hakim. In a way I guess he’s right. “C. Jack” Ellis was a joke – Kareem Abdul Ja’Ellis is just a much bigger joke, though more hilarious by far.

    I suppose we can now look forward to a new sister city – I can see real potential in an alliance between Macon and Anbar province. This should be great for the city’s economy as well. Businesses and new citizens will be flocking to Macon in order to live and work under Sunni control. After all, “If you ain’t muslim, you ain’t Shi’ite.”

  • Well you did take a cheap shot at a guy for following his faith. While it’s easy to do, especially with fundies of any stripe, it should be beneath us. I know it’s beneath me.

    In other news Jebus planted some more dino eggs, that the godless scientists will say are many millions of years old, to test our faith.

    Nice try Jebus but my faith is strong and I know those Dinos were on the Ark and lived at the same time as man.


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