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I interviewed Rep. Duncan Hunter this evening. He’s running for President. Hunter is a solid conservative from California. In fact, I think you can objectively say he is the most consistently conservative candidate for President.

We spent most of the time talking foreign affairs, but some domestic policy entered the fray. Duncan was the first member of Congress to take the initiative and build a fence along the Mexican border — first at San Diego and now to be extended.

He’s also one of the few people in Congress to recognize the threat that China is to the United States. This is a big issue for me, though it flies under the radar for most people. China is rapidly becoming a full enemy of ours, not just the latent enemy it has been.

I don’t know that Hunter has a great shot at being elected, but I think he just might be the best candidate out there.

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    An article about the Nationalist candidate that the GOP must put forward to win or a third party will come in and ruin the GOP’s chances. I know that I am hijacking this thread, and I do not want a Democrat to win. So no one should take my comments as being anti-conservative. Thank you for allowing the comments. We had a chance for an American first President, Pat Buchanan, and the media suppressed him to the point that most including me knew nothing about him.

  • http://blog.vdare.com/archives/2005/08/10/cafta-and-the-immigration-reform-caucus/

    Positive article about Hunter and Tancredo: you have to know the pros and cons, right? At least both were against CAFTA and NAFTA, but that is water under the bridge now (once the horses are out of the barn it is too late). Now, China holds at least 45% of our debt, so we are over a barrel. The people in our own country do not have the wealth to fund our own debt or so it seems. And Lord help us if China is allowed to purchase Crysler, and people cannot be a cheerleader for WalMart and be against China, too. It is one or the other.

  • http://www.firedoglake.com/2006/06/28/did-duncan-hunter-sell-out-jack-murtha/

    All I am concerned about is that people that the GOP is pushing are part of the neocon push for war because of too much of a relationship with defense contractors. The telling story is that any veterans of the Iraq War that are freshman Congressman (five in total), all got elected on the Democrat ticket. A soldier that tried to run on the Republican ticket was quickly taken down by the GOP when he criticized the war in Iraq. Duncan Hunter is a former soldier, I believe, and his son is serving in the military. But, he does have connections with Duke Cunningham.

    Anyone should have a real problem with the disgraceful kickbacks Congressmen have received from military contracts after seeing the way our wounded vets are living in the housing unit across from Walter Reed Hospital. This is disgusting. We have soldiers flown back in less than honorable ways with their coffins sitting in warehouses, until the military could come for the escort to the funeral homes. This was in the news because of a couple from California that were both military themselves complained about the way their son was treated when brought back from Iraq.

    I hope that voters have the wisdom to vote for people that have not profited from this most terrible war that has been mishandled from the start. I would possibly vote for Tom Tancredo, and I agree with other writers that Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter would only split the same type of voters. Of the two, I like Tom Tancredo the best.

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