They’re Back


Those ~500 towns on the map, that is.

Po Biddy Crossroads will be back on the map. So will Hopeulikit and Doctortown.

From Abbottsford to Zetella, the 488 communities wiped from this year’s version of the state highway map will be restored, the Georgia Department of Transportation said Wednesday.

“These communities are as much a part of the fabric of our state as our major metropolitan areas,” said Vicki Gavalas, the department’s spokeswoman. “The department will provide the public with a map that not only reflects Georgia’s economic evolution, but also the historical significance of its many communities.”

This reminds me a lot of the Department of Revenue’s butt-ugly license plate decision. They do this stupid sh’tuff and then back peddle after all the frustrated, hacked off people raise a stink about it. Maybe if they had sought public input in the first place instead of trying to be dictatorial about everything, they wouldn’t be having to back peddle.

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