Macon Telegraph Editors Favor High Taxes


The liberals in charge of the Editorial Board at the Macon Telegraph have written an editorial today calling on the legislature to not enact major tax reforms. They include this line:

One major tax cut is on the horizon. Eliminating the state income tax on the retirement incomes (Social Security, pensions and the like) of heavy-voting seniors was the centerpiece of Perdue’s campaign last fall. At the cost of a $142 million hit to the state Treasury, he will likely get the legislators to keep the promise.

Don’t you love how a tax cut is somehow a cost to the government? That’s nonsense. Because the legislator, in its wisdom, has decided that taxpayers should not have to send as much to the treasury is not a “cost,” it is a benefit to the taxpayers, who will take that money and do with it as they will — a portion of which will be spent, generating sales tax revenue for their local and state government.

Of course, the problem is that Democrats and the Editorial Board like the progressive income tax system that takes from high income earners and gives to low income earners. The progressive tax system is a revenue generating social justice scheme using the big stick of government to enact social policies acceptable to liberals. A state sales tax would be much fairer.

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