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My friend Ben is bored. He sent these links and debate ensued over Leonardo DiCaprio, who I will not call DiCraprio for the purposes of this post.

First, I’m glad to hear “The Departed” is good. I’ve wanted to see it, but I have a general rule of thumb that if there are more than four big named Hollywood stars in a movie or is directed by Robert Altmand or Woody Allen, it is crap.

The Departed seems to be the exception that proves the rule, or so I’m told.

In any event, I want to like Leo as an actor. The Aviator was a solid movie. It was the first time Christy thought he had done well. But I just can’t allow any person who got his start in “Growing Pains” to ever be considered a credible actor in my book. Hello? Alan Thicke anyone? Come on.

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  • My friend. Open your mind and actually watch the movies you refer to. Stop judging and you will thank me later.

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