Kill the Macon Hotel Deal


ImageTravis Fain at the Telegraph offers up this overview of the idiocy that is the Macon hotel deal. In effect, the city will be on the hook if the hotel goes belly up. not just that, but the hotel will be built right next to the Coliseum — taking up parking spots at the Coliseum. And, inevitably, when the hotel goes down the drain, the taxpayers will get screwed and the empty shell of the hotel will still be there taking up space.

Across the street from the Coliseum is a vacant tract of land that *everyone* agrees is the preferred location. But the City Council rejected that location because the Mayor preferred that location and they weren’t about to do something the Mayor wanted. As Travis noted in the article, putting the hotel on the vacant lot across the street would have the side benefit of allowing other businesses to spring up around the hotel. Having the hotel on city property would not.

Now the company building the hotel wants a 30 year tax abatement — a decade more than even Bass Pro Shop got! For a freaking hotel!

This is nuts. It’s bad business for the taxpayers. And it is just another reason the city and county don’t need to consolidate — the city continues to make bad business decisions.

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