In the Land of Prayers and Wishful Thinking


It’s kind of odd. A month ago we (everyone but Christy) thought Christy was on her last leg and we fired up the prayer chains and everyone prayed and the Lord was gracious enough to give us good news.

And now?

Well, a blood test came back positive for Lupus — an autoimmune disease for which there is no cure. The test is apparently notorious for false positives, but still, mustn’t there be something wrong? It seems the more they dig and probe, the more they are likely to find something.

But now?

I’m praying. We have friends who are praying. But there is not the sense of fear and dread that, I guess, really compels one to fall on his knees and pray without ceasing. I’m feeling sorta guilty. It’s a natural human reaction, I suppose, to think, “well, she’s not going to die,” so we move on to something else.

Isn’t the human brain fickle. Now, I think, Christy needs more prayer and encouragement than she needed last month — if only because the process has worn her spirit down — and yet the tendency is not to treat this as being as big a deal as last month. It’s a personal frustration to me.

I think a low spirit is probably in more need of prayer than a ill body. And yet that’s not the way most people function. Something to think about.

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  • Don’t feel guilty about a natural response to moving on, as that is the way we are supposed to do in life. Otherwise, the bad feelings would overcome and consume our lives. I will certainly pray for Christy. I think Lupus comes on many times due to stress, not sure though. One of my prior bosses came down with Lupus. Hopefully, the test will be false positive. Try reading Jerimiah (sp?) as it is very inspirational for what someone can endure and still come back after being spiritually tested. God bless Christy and family.

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