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Well, after spending almost a year up here commuting back and forth to Macon, it is a whole different ball game to be back up here with a new employer that is, by default, a political employer.

It was an overwhelming experience to be in an office where people wanted to argue over whether an ad should be accepted that condoned the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit — a foot step toward socialism — as opposed to whether we should or should not say something on an energy policy. Heck, it was an overwhelming experience to be in an office, after six months of working from home. I didn’t realize I’d missed the corporate environment — people to actually talk to!!

Don’t get me wrong. I loved working where I worked. The environment was new and foreign to me, but the people were actually really great as was the company. But I couldn’t be political or partisan and I am, by nature, a political partisan.

Today I thrived. The RedState deal was a great deal.

Of course the other problem was going out with the core group — a select group of folks in DC I get to hang out with occasionally. You get to the watering hole at 6:30 and by 2am you’ve collectively wrapped up close to a $200.00, that only includes a few orders of wings, a burger, and an order of onion rings.

Now, I rationalize this by saying I haven’t gotten up here for a formal gathering since September. The camaraderie was great. Given the nature of life in Macon, I don’t have anyone to just go hang out with. the conversation dwelled on tax policy and 2008. But, these are good friends and acquaintances. It was worth whatever price I will pay in the morning.

Unfortunately, the morning begins early and in the hallowed halls of Nancy Pelosi’s Congress. And I’m still hungry.

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  • I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying your trip to Mecca, but your wife and your daughter will be very glad to have you back at home with us. Your girls miss you, even though we are proud of you for making the RedState deal.

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