This is such horsecrap.

First, National Review has to expose to to cruncycons and metrocons and then runs off to embrace Romney as the anti-McCain as if Romney is some sort of conservative wet dream.

Now they want to hoist up this bull—-. National Review has lost its way. Can I finally say that.

There is no such thing as a Civicon. It’s called being an American.

Can you be a gaycon? I think so. I think taking seriously crunchycons, metrocons, concons, civicons, and NROnikcons makes you a gaycon because you’re wasting my freaking time with this stupid crap.

Be an American. Be a Reaganite. But just give this stupid crap a rest. Yes, it does make me angry. We get subjected to Paris Hilton exposes in People magazine and now National Review gives us xxxCon exposes.

They’ve gone from being the voice of the conservative movement to being the National Geographic of the Conservative Movement with special pull out posters of Mitt Romney in his sacred undergarments. Next they’ll hire David Kirkpatrick away from the New York Times to stalk us all.

This is just stupid!

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