Can We Have An Intervention?


Read these few paragraphs from today’s Macon Telegraph:

The list of things council does not know is staggering, when compared to what it should know. Council doesn’t know if the school board and county commission will go along with the funding vehicle that requires each entity to give up property tax proceeds over 25 years.

Council doesn’t know what replacing capital items at the convention center (carpet, HVAC, plumbing, roofing) will cost over the more than two decades the contract runs. However, it should know that Noble pockets all of the profits from the convention center. Those expenses will have to come out of the city’s general fund.

Council should also know that the cost of the bonds will run $18 million over the contract’s life, backed by the good faith and credit of the city’s taxpayers.

Those are just some of the “details, details, details.” But the one major item that cannot be ignored is “location, location, location.”

The plan chosen by council over the mayor’s objections – and contrary to the unanimous recommendations of a 15-member selection committee – is to build the hotel in the parking lot on the east side of the Coliseum.

Now, remind yourself that “Coliseum sources have said that facility will lose business, not gain it, if the hotel is built in its parking lot.

Now ask yourself, if the City of Macon is as stupid as it apparently is, should the State of Georgia and/or federal government give it any money for anything else? If it can’ t be trusted to use it’s own taxpayers’ money wisely, why should it be trusted to use other taxpayers’ money?

This is now compounded by this survey that shows Bibb County has gone up 4 places on the state’s scale of poorest counties — going up means Bibb has gotten poorer.

I think we need an intervention down here.

The School Board and County Commission can and should kill this deal.

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