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So, you want to run a story on the Speaker of the House having a girlfriend. But, you don’t have the photos and you don’t have a GOP challenger to the Speaker. How do you do it? Well, you get it to be news when Democrats file an ethics complaint against the Speaker.

The Democrats are taking the story to a whole new level, and one I had thought of on Friday, but even reporters didn’t treat as credible — that because the Speaker’s alleged girlfriend was a lobbyist for Atlanta Gas Light, AGL got special treatment from the Speaker. There is no evidence, but hey, this was just a means to get this into the AJC.

All those people on Friday laughingly calling this “Bobby Kahn’s parting shot” were right on the money, as was Peach Pundit.

The Georgia Democratic Party is filing ethics complaints against House Speaker Glenn Richardson, alleging he had an “inappropriate” relationship with a lobbyist for Atlanta Gas Light last year while co-sponsoring a bill to finance a $300 million pipeline for the utility.

State Democratic Party Chairman Bobby Kahn said that relationship created a conflict of interest for the Republican House leader.

Kahn declined to identify the lobbyist except to say the individual is a woman who no longer lobbies the state legislature for the utility. He also declined to characterize the alleged relationship other than to say it was “personal.”

Kahn said the Democratic Party mailed its complaints to the Joint Committee on Ethics and State Ethics Commission Friday. Kahn said the complaints will also be hand-delivered to the ethics panels Monday, the first day of the legislature’s 40-day session.

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