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Christy has come home to us. We’re all tired and ready for a nap. Christy just wants a pepperoni calzone from Bia’s, which I’ll make sure she gets tonight.

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  • Erik! I haven’t checked in for some time, this is some really shocking/sobering news. I’ll call soon to check up on a better basis, but know you and your family are in our prayers.


  • I was very sorry to read about this on PP, and just wanted to send best wishes for Christy’s recovery.

    This is somewhat random, but I don’t know if Christy is from the Midwest. I heard about this from a friend yesterday and thought it might be of some help. If not, please feel free to delete.

    From a report published a couple of months ago.

    “He said he is also concerned that, as the resolution of CT scans improves, tests will show increasing numbers of tiny nodules in the lungs of patients that will set off alarms but are not cancerous. In parts of the Midwest, where a common fungus causes the lung-scarring disease histoplasmosis, CT scans will detect suspicious-looking nodules in half of patients tested, Black said.”

    “False positives can lead to unnecessary anxiety and unnecessary biopsies among patients who are otherwise perfectly healthy. Detection of a suspicious nodule often requires a follow-up test after three months to see whether there have been any changes warranting a biopsy. “

  • Erick and Christy –

    Please know everyone at Sell & Melton is thinking about you guys. Though you may no longer work here, we still care about Christy, and I guess about Mr. Erkison too.(!) If you need anything at all, from someone to pick up your calzones or someone to feed your cat(s), just call me!

    Mary Beth

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