That Dang Advent Wreath


The number one search leading people to this site after my name is “advent wreath” according to Google Analytics.

It continues to haunt me. If only Dennis had sucked it up and said he agreed with me. But no, he had to side with the wives.

Wimp. 😉

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  • I learned a long time ago that it’s no use going against the wives…

    I will point out that I agreed with one aspect of your view – that The Wreath should not be treated as a sacrament in a church-ordained worship service.

    I thought about you the very next Sunday, though, as the first thing I saw upon entering the sanctuary of our church was a great big Advent Wreath in place of the baptismal font. Oh well…I assume that its place in the order of worship must have been approved by the elders. I trust our church leadership, and I have tremendous respect for our senior pastor and his judgement on these things.

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