If there is one thing I am really proud of in running Tripp Self’s campaign, it is this yard sign.

When we headed into this race, I had a couple of theories. One of those was that the person with the highest name id would win. That is, of course, an obvious theory — it’s true of most all races. But in a nonpartisan race it is crucial because there is no party apparatus to help out.

So, Tripp and I gambled, wisely I think, that very distinctive yard signs would help. And I think they did help. We also used full color 4×8 signs with a family photo on them. But the yard signs in particular were very, very distinct and could be recognized a good ways off.

All of the information was really irrelevant except the last name. We also knew that Ed Ennis was going to use a similar color scheme — most candidates do use red, white, and blue — because we also figured that campaign wouldn’t be too original in its thinking.

So, to make sure our signs didn’t just blend in with everyone else’s, including Ed’s, we made them diamond shaped. And I think it really worked out well.

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