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The pulmonologist called just a short time ago.

Christy is cancer free. We’ve prayed mightily.

Christy has a very uncommon lung condition about which little seems to be known. In effect, her lungs filter out more than they need to filter out. They deposit the particles in these little nodules that have filled up her lungs. They look like cancer, but they are not cancer.

She should live a long life.

Thanks you all for your prayers. And Thomas Colby, who is apparently the world’s best pulmonologist, confirmed the diagnosis for the Mayo Clinic. We thank him.

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  • I don’t know what to type. I just put a letter in the mail today to Christy – a letter I wrote two days ago and finally found a stamp for it this morning. A letter I wrote before reading this post. I am truly overwhelmed with God’s goodness. My heart was breaking for your family but I am now crying tears of gladness. No matter the circumstance, God is always faithful. I only wish our families could spend more time together. What a wonderful Christmas this will be for you. Grace.

  • Great News! I think Sarah said it best…a Christmas Miracle. You have been blessed at this specific moment in time to truely see how much love you have around you. And that is a bigger gift than any of us may receive.

  • Erick & Christy!

    You & God have absolutely made my week! He is so good! I am beyond thrilled for you both, as well as little Evelyn.

    My sincere wishes for the best Christmas ever ~ which you are already experiencing! 🙂

    Continued blessings,

  • Personally, I still like the cake flour theory! All of that baking that she does has gone to her lungs. I would hate for her to have to quit baking for us! Maybe some sort of very attractive mask!

    God is so good! I am beyond thrilled.

  • PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!! I am overwhelmed with God’s goodness and blessings. Merry Christmas. Y’all please come visit us at the office when you can.


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