Hello. My Name Is Brian Passante and I’ve Gone Crazy


Brian Passante was last featured on Peach Pundit when he got written up in the Macon Telegraph for throwing punches or something like that with his law partner. He is also rumored to be, according to some folks in the know, planning on opening a law practice with Ed Ennis, who is going to lose his Superior Court race in Bibb County today.

Well, not to be outdone by his little Macon Telegraph escapade two weeks ago, Brian Passante, a practicing attorney of some repute, sent out an email blast today coming completely unglued. He wrote *ELEVEN* pages saying he was not attacking Tripp Self, the other candidate for the Superior Court race (and whose race I’m running), all the while referring to Tripp as “young Self” and attacking him repeatedly for actually campaigning for office.

You can check out both documents (PDFs) here and here.

You’d think an attorney for about twenty years would learn how to spell check before sending out an email like that.

The funniest part? Passante, a partisan Democrat, accuses Tripp Self of running a partisan race. Meanwhile, Ed Ennis has been going around town for months claiming to be the Republican in the race, seeking support from Republican activists, trying to get his hands on the GOP Voter Vault information, and spending the last night of the campaign at the Bibb County Republican Women’s Christmas Party. Of course to be fair, speaking only as the Bibb County Republican Party’s attorney for the past five years, I have never seen Ed participate in anything related to the Republican Party until he qualified as a candidate for office this year.

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