God Throws Curveballs Well


So back in September, two days before vacation, Christy was rushed to the emergency room. Her doctor thought she was having either a pulmonary embolism or a gall bladder attack. They ran a scan for the former to rule it out and when they did, they found small spots on Christy’s lungs.

We went on vacation only to go to the emergency room and Christy had an emergency gall bladder removal.

Last week she had another scan of her lungs done to make sure the spots had not grown. They had not and appear to be benign. But in scanning her lungs they noticed an anomaly in her neck. The doctor and Christy both thought it was just a product of the scan and there was nothing really there.

Christy fretted about doing a useless ultrasound, but I insisted that she go. So yesterday she went. Last night we checked her into the hospital. She has a clot lodged in her jugular vein. Now they think they’ll have to do a lung biopsy as well — though the clot is the immediate concern.

Good grief, what a time we’ve had.

UPDATE: Better news in the light of day. The lungs can still be handled with scans and the medicine is doing its job on the clot. Christy should be home late this evening or tomorrow. I’m home for a bit to take a nap.

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  • As both a former cancer patient and the family member of people who have medical issues I feel for you. Hang in there and try to sleep at night if you can.

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