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Michaels has lots and lots of pretty Angels — and they are multi-racial to boot!

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    The Mormons do believe in baptism, and have a different view point about the Trinity. That should never divide them from us because they are very much Christian. All of the Christians must band together in these times. There is nothing more beautiful than to watch the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s performances at Christmas, and I hope to oneday go to Utah and see it live.

  • I do not believe the way Mormons do about Christ or most anything else they’ve been taught, but the way their artists depict angels is the way the Bible says they look, i.e., awe and fear-inspiring men in white robes, not pretty girls or ladies with mammary glands. Also, the Bible says “cherubim” have wings, not angels. As a child we always had a star on the top of our tree which as I’ve gotten older, I want on the top of our tree. I’ll place angels near our creche, near the shepherds.

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