The Perfect Definition of Liberalism


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I’ve heard that Unitarian Universalists can believe anything they want to. Is that true?

No. One could not be considered a Unitarian Universalist and believe that subscription to specific doctrines or creeds are necessary for access to God or spirituality or membership in our congregations. Unitarian Universalists could not believe that God favors any group of people based on any inherent qualities, such as skin color, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, etc.—or that any group of people is more worthy of access to opportunities than any other as a result of these qualities.

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  • “Most want to serve God in an advisory capacity.”

    I never thought of that. Of course many conservatives want God to serve as a mascot so I’m not sure who’s worse.

  • I live next door to Hartley Bridge Road Church of Christ, and today the minister has for the message on their sign: “Most want to serve God in an advisory capacity.” This is so true for the times, and goes right along with liberalism.

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