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On Thursday of this past week I had an appointment at what I thought was the Old Executive Office Building, next to the White House. I showed up at the duly appointed hour, presented by drivers license, and the guard asked me why I was there. I told him I had an appointment there.

He said, “You need to go two gates down. Your appointment is at the White House.”

Holy Cow!

So, I headed down to the White House, walked through the gate, repeated the routine, and got a visitor’s badge. Then I asked where to go and the guard laughed. “Walk up the driveway to the West Wing. The marine will open the door for you. The marine at the front door means the President is inside.”

I got to tour the West Wing, meet the press office staff, see the Oval Office (but the door was closed because the President was in there), etc. It was very, very, very cool. It was also very, very intimidating. And the meeting was great.

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