Well, Thursday night we spent the whole night in the emergency room. Christy has gall stones, we discovered Friday morning.

But, the doctor cleared us to head to the beach, so we did. We’re here. She’s miserable and on pain killers. I don’t think we’ll be heading home tomorrow, but we will probably head home Tuesday, cutting vacation short by four days. She needs to see a doctor and get her gall bladder out.

While we’re here though, Evelyn is having a blast. We were to exhausted to even go out to the beach today. Christy and I finally went out for supper — grilled fish for her so she wouldn’t be so sick — and then walked on the beach. She feels better standing up.

Tomorrow, assuming Christy feels okay, we intend to let Evelyn get lathered up with sun screen and get her feet wet. That should be fun.

The condo is great. It’s three bedrooms (2 kings, 1 queen, and a sleeper sofa) and three bathrooms. Evelyn has her own room – the laundry room. Christy’s parents’ best friend is the small bedroom with Christy’s parents in the master bedroom and us in the other king room. There’s a wrap around balcony and great views of the Gulf of Mexico.

Gulf Shores was pretty much wiped out in 2004 by Hurricane Ivan, which was a high end Cat. 3 when it came ashore. People forget that Ivan was a Cat 5 going over Grenada and Cuba, came ashore right at Gulf Shores as a Cat. 3, then moved east to Florida, went back out to the Gulf as a depression, reformed as a tropical storm, and smacked Texas and Louisiana the next week. Luckily, there are no storms on the horizon this week outside of Christy’s gall bladder.

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