Charlie Rangel’s Sleight of Hand


ImageGive it to Charlie Rangel (D-NY). After people began questioning whether or not the Democrats would blast Hugo Chavez, Mr. Rangel came out forcefully — more forcefully than any other Democrat.

His statement was more likely than not a sleight of hand more designed to hide his straying from Democrat election talking points than to actually be patriotic. You see, yesterday, in what is rumored to have driven Nancy Pelosi into apoplexy, Mr. Rangel admitted he, as the Democrat’s choice for Chairman of the tax writing Ways & Means Committee, could find not one worthy Bush tax cut to keep.

No, not the deduction for children. No, not the reformation of the marriage penalty. No, not the tax deduction for families of fallen servicemen. Not one tax cut is worth keeping according to Charlie Rangel.

So, like the slick politician he is, he came out today forcefully against Hugo Chavez to cover up his willingness to stick it to widows and children of dead servicemen. That has to be the play of the day.

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