Are We Surprised


Israel accepts the UN Resolution, Lebanon accepts the UN Resolution, Iran questions why Hezbollah should disarm, and Hezbollah says it will not disarm.

Couldn’t see that one coming, now could we?

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  • Let me emphasize that I have copied and pasted a 2003 writing by Gerson. I think that all writers should be exposed for what drives their agenda. So I will expose my agenda, I am a conservative Christian with a Marine son and from a family of patriots. I am the other side of the debate that the Republicans in power want to ignore. I have been called a dyed in the wool Republican and too conservative for local politics! I still like you Erick, just trying to get you to see that all opinions shoud debated. And we know what they say about opinions, everyone has one. Good day to you and God Bless!

  • Since, I am banned from commenting on Redstate, I will make a comment about Gerson who you refer to in a current post today about why we should stay the course. I have a good writing at the top of my blog today about Gerson and what drives his heart and soul and his passion for our sons and daughters to sacrifice their lives for Israel. My main problem with it is that I do not see one thing in this egotistical writing that I have posted that says that Gerson is going to raise his children to join our military. Typical neocon agenda to keep us in perpetual wars, and that has been the case since the early 1900s. Come on Erick and wake up to the propaganda of our party!

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