I’m tired of the Reed v. Cagle race. I still don’t know who I’m going to vote for and I’m rapidly thinking I may just not vote in the race at all.

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  • SWGA, There’s a difference between politics and governance. Effective leadership works with all people without violating ones core principles.

  • Cagle spoke in Thomasville several weeks ago before about 20 to 25 people. Three of the people in attendance were Reed’s lackies (definitely not locals)… during the Q/A portion of the meeting, Reed’s lackies called Cagle out on his record (issues ranging from the flag to health care). They also covered the land surrounding the Plaza where Cagle was speaking with Reed posters.

    I thought these acts reflected very poorly on Reed.

    One thing that Cagle did say that I did not like was that once Republicans are elected, they represent all of the electorate… not just the Republicans that elected them. In this era of elected-Republicans being afraid to use their power, this sounded terrible to me. If I elect a Republican, I want him to be a Republican in office… not someone that panders to the bed-wetters.

  • Me too, Erick. What is most exhausting is that each side is convinced their candidate has cornered the market on virtue.

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