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Yep. Little ole me made the New York Times.

“There are more dynamics in this lieutenant governor’s race than there are in any other race in the country,” said Erick-Woods Erickson, a conservative blogger based in Macon, Ga., who has followed every nuance of the campaign, recently posting a copy of a letter giving Mr. Reed permission to put one yard sign in every Waffle House. “There’s 2008, there’s right versus left, there’s Christian right versus not-a-big-deal Christian.”

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  • YOU’RE in the NYTimes? Gee, and WE’RE still talking to YOU!

    What an understanding group of readers you have…

    All kidding aside — Congrats!

  • I’m not a registered reader on line of the NYT and would not care to be. If I want to read it, I’ll go to the library, and I might want to read this particular article!

  • Wow!!! It would be great if some of you fine conservatives could be ready to take the NYT when they go into bankrupsy, which actually probably won’t happen. Too many libs will give them a hand out, maybe even the chicoms and others who know the importance of the pen, i.e., the media. Rather as they’re using Taiwan & Hong Kong as cash cows, the media keeps the commies’ mission flowing, which thanks to rubbing shoulders with the West via computers and moles and cadres gone wild after student visas in the US, may not be as full of zeal within the red psyche, especially after Tianamen. And the North Koreans might welcome a war just to get out of Dodge. Maybe it’s my imagination, but Kim Jong Ill’s hair looks as though he combs or has his hair cut like Elvis’.

  • Congratulations! You made the NYT before they sink. LOL I am sure you will save the article in a scrap book, as it is something to be most proud of. Best wishes with your new job.

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