The Greatness of a Webcam


We’re in Carrollton for Father’s Day. My nieces are in Louisiana visiting my parents. It’s been great to get a webcam for my mom. This morning, my nieces watched Evelyn play on the floor for a good thirty minutes. Evelyn kept trying to throw her little ball to them. Luckily it was soft enough it didn’t hurt my computer.

Blogging, as you notice, has been very slow, but I foresee an uptick soon. Work has been very busy.

I’m headed to Washington Monday morning and then back home Tuesday afternoon to pick up Evelyn and then fly out to Memphis for my brother-in-law’s naval retirement ceremony. This will be the first time my family — other than my parents — will have seen Evelyn. It’s a big deal all around.

Then it’s home for a week and then onto the road for a week of traveling. We’re headed July 1st to Illinois, then back down to Memphis and Jackson, MS to see my sisters. Then to Louisiana to see my parents. Then back to Carrollton by the Monday after the 4th for a doctor’s appointment. Then back to Macon.

Gracious that is a lot of traveling! But it will be worth it.

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  • Hey,
    Good thing it was a softball.

    I personal think and thought it was more fun playing with on the floor witn her at my house. 🙂

    H.Martin 🙂

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