Most Bizarre On the Job Happening


I’ve had plenty of odd things happen on the job, but what happened today ranks up there.

Last week I was trimming my finger nails and clipped my ring finger too far. It has really hurt for a week. It was swollen fairly well on the left side and hurt to do anything, including type. Occasionally it released some sort of fluid that would dry. Grossed out yet?

So anyway, I go to the Capitol with my roommate this morning — he works there — and walked from the House side of the Hill to the Hyatt Regency. I sit down in the first presentation and it dawns on me that for the first time in a week my finger does not hurt.

So I look down.

There is blood everywhere. It’s like a blister had burst open. My hand was covered in blood. My bag had blood all over the grip from where I had been holding it. By now the blood flow had slowed.

And we were in a small room. It would have been noticeable had I jumped up and dashed. And I didn’t know where I was going. But I had kleenex in my bag for this damn cough I can’t get rid of. So I shoved my hand into the pile of kleenex until my finger stopped bleeding.

And that was it. Until I got home this evening and hung up my dress shirt. There was blood on the sleeve, on the cuff, where I had tucked in my shirt. It looked like I had committed a triple homicide (okay, now I exaggerate). I couldn’t believe I hadn’t noticed it all day. Luckily the Brooks Brothers no iron dress shirts are pretty good at fighting stains too. It looks like my shirt is cleaned — good thing since it’s brand new.

If nothing else, life is not boring. Now if I could just stop coughing so much. I sound like I’m coughing up a lung.

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