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For the past few months, some of the guys at RedState and I have been working on an idea. We think that since the fall of the Soviet Union, the free world has lost its focus on tyranny. So, starting tomorrow, various writers will start rectifying that. RedState will have up a new feature called Contra Tyrannum — Against Tyranny.

Each week RedState will dedicate the site to highlighting freedom fighters, victims of tyranny, and various tyrants and despots from around the world. It’s a worthy effort.

Across the globe, tyrannical relics of the cold war remain and new generations are growing — some spawned from socialist/communist movements and others from nationalist and tribal movements. The victims of tyranny deserve a voice, the freedom fighters deserve praise, and the tyrants and despots deserve the spotlight of a free press. It is time we remember and focus on the fact that the fall of the Soviet Union did not end the menace of tyranny.


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  • 16 years ago in a Dubai souk I bought a lovely and interesting tribal gown, black silk trimmed in mulitcolored tassels, from an Afghani shop. Beyond the price which I paid, I voluntarily, on my own, gave a donation to the Mujahideen Freedom Fighters who at that time were fighting in Afghanistan against the Russians. I’ve wondered since then if I made a mistake. There is tyranny and there is tyranny. I repeat: we must pray for out enemies, and that they will come to know the Prince of Peace, as the only way to salvation, thiers and that of the world, salvation and true freedom.

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