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Home from San Antonio and Carrollton. Evenlyn gets to stay home with me today. She’s been teething really bad. She got very little sleep last night. She was up all night coughing and drooling.

This morning I’ve introduced her to the refrigerator teething ring. She seems more interested in throwing it and yelling “uh-oh” than actually using it.

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  • A wet wash cloth kept in the freezer and then given to her to gnaw on is helpful and can’t be so eaily thrown away. As the icy water melts, she can suck on it.

  • I used the frozen “mini” bagels…you just have to keep an eye out that they don’t defrost after a couple of hours and she starts biting off big chunks.

    Found it was less harsh on delicate baby gums than the plastic teethers.

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