Travel Woes


Well, I have pre-purchased tickets for all of April except this week. I’ve been trying to purchase a ticket for this week since March. I didn’t realize it was Spring Break.

After weeks of trying and even having a Priceline bid rejected, I’ve given up on going to DC this week. The cheapest ticket I could do would have been $600, but it would have taken me from Atlanta to Detroit to Washington, DC via a twelve hour excursion on Wednesday and back again on Friday morning. So, basically, I would have had one day in DC.

Add to that a plumbing problem. It seems there is a clog in the main line leaving our house and anything we do water wise comes up in the back yard via the overflow trap.

On the bright horizon, as I was picking up supper tonight my friend Clayton called to see if I’d be in Macon on Friday. Having told him the whole flight story, he said it was fortuitous. He has worked our for him and me to go meet President Bush (41, not the present 43) on Friday morning early. Very cool.

That, I suppose, does make up for having to cancel lunch on Friday with Pat Cleary — a lunch that has been in the planning for about four months. Luckily Pat was able to reschedule for next Tuesday. Pat, it seems, travels more that I ever will or hope to.

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