Rough Night


We had a rough night last night. We’re all walking zombies today. Evelyn is really, really choked up with allergies. She was up all night struggling. About 4 this morning we put her in bed with up so she could be propped up on some pillows. She couldn’t sleep and decided to play.

At 5 it was back to her bed and two hours of sleep for us. And I fly today. I want an early night and I’m already ready to be back home.

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  • I used to put several inches of boards under the legs of the crib at the “head” end to ease breathing.

  • You forgot that I got up with her at 1:00 and you and I both got up at 2:30, which was what made me willing to consider the option of putting her in bed with us, propped up on pillows. But honestly, there are no two people on earth that I would rather stay awake with all night long. We are so blessed.

By Erick Erickson

Erick Erickson

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