I had to leave Washington early on Friday. Delta was very kind and put me straight on the first flight I could get on upon getting to the airport. Evelyn was sick and Christy needed help.

And it is not just that Evelyn was sick, she is sick. Her poor little body just does not want food. She’s got really bad diarrhea, but it seems to be improving slightly. Her skin is cold and clammy.

She spent several days on nothing but pedialyte. We’ve since reintroduced formula. She has some more warmth in her feet and hands, but it comes and goes.

Her lack of appetite is the most troubling. She usually consumes most of a nine ounce bottle and at least a little cereal. Now she is barely taking four ounces of her bottle and refuses cereal or anything else. This morning she will not take the pedialyte either.

While she had been tired. This morning she seems more alert. The saddest part is that she is just so happy. It’s one thing when your baby is sick and miserable. But Evelyn, as always, puts a smile on her face. The sounds she makes are distinctly sad, but she smiles and smiles until she gets sleepy and cries.

On Saturday she slept 20 of 24 hours. She did better yesterday. I hope she’ll progress further rapidly. It’s just no fun to have a sick baby.