Christy and I have begun advancing planning for the 4th of July. Her family has a massive reunion every year the Sunday closest to the 4th in Eldorado, IL. We want Evelyn to meet the family. At the same time, Evelyn has seen my parents twice and has never seen my sisters.

So we’re thinking we may just clock out that week. We’d go up to Illinois on the first, then go to Memphis, TN on the 3rd to see my oldest sister. Then on to Jackson, MS to see my middle sister. Then down to Jackson, LA to see my parents, Aunt Shirley, and others.

That’ll be one heck of a week of traveling. But, you know, when you have a child that kind of becomes necessary. I remember all the road trips I took when I was little with my parents and sisters. My oldest sister has hauled her kids around the country for years.

It’s heck on the adults, I’m sure. I hate to travel period — more so now that I’m flying back and forth to Washington every week. But it sure does create good memories to travel with the family.