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  • Linda, you are right. One bad apple spoils the barrel. That’s why Christy and I want 100 acres with no neighbors — and no roosters!

    And Gilly, aren’t you trying to head back south again? Sad when south means Massachusetts.

  • The problem is not the mass total, the problem is with the individuals that make up the total. In other words, one bad apple spoils the whole barrel. So, this person may be good at trying to impress people with this fact and that fact, but I will go with my life experiences. Individuals that make up a community make all the difference in the world. Twenty people per square mile are too many, if any one of them are heathens and or criminals.

  • Great. One of the best things about this planet is that all of the a**holes of the world area fairly well distributed around the globe. Now I’d have to live with all of them as neighbors? It’d be like living back in Massachusetts again…

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