I have yet to convince a candidate of this and they all find it very hard to believe that I’d say this, considering my professional background deals directly with the web, but I hate campaign websites.

If you aren’t running for a federal or statewide race, there is no reason for you to have a campaign website unless you can get it for free. There is simply no reason.

“Sure,” you say. “Easy for you to say that, but what about the media?”

My God man! Do you really want the *LOCAL* media going to a website to find out about you instead of establishing a personal relationship with that reporter? You’ve got to be kidding me.

And if you are in a local race, do you really want to give up the 5% on online contributions when you’d probably just as easily get it all through the mail?

You may think that having a campaign website allows you on the local level to control your message. That’s crap. It just provides a local reporter with a convenient way to avoid having to speak to you or your campaign directly. They can get their information from the website, which is cold and impersonal, instead of getting it from you or your manager.

If you aren’t running for a statewide or federal office, you are wasting your time, talent, and money on a campaign website.

There, I said it. Certain friends of mine will hate me, but privately they’ll agree — even the ones who got websites for their campaigns when I told them they were wasting their money.