So tomorrow I’m giving a CLE presentation on Election Law in Georgia. It’s been on the calendar for almost a year. It was going to be on the 10th, but was moved to tomorrow.

The problem has been my written materials. When I left the law firm, I thought I had everything, but didn’t. So I’ve been slowly and steadily recreating the wheel until my hard drive or MS Word and Keynote threw me a curve ball and both the slideshow and the written documents were corrupted somehow. Frustrating. And yes, I realize it would be easier to just get the stuff emailed to me, but they could not be found.

I’ve crammed and crammed to get everything back into the slide show. Luckily I was able to get my old slide show from Sell & Melton, but didn’t have the written materials. I got the slideshow done and converted it into an outline. That should have been it. But then the director of CLE programs at Mercer reminded me that ICLE really hates it when your written component is just an outline.

So, I called some friends to get old materials back from them. Then I buckled down, begged and begged and was able to get old stuff retreived, and I have steadily spent last night and part of the morning recreating, updating, and revising my stuff. Now I have 55 pages of solid stuff.

A frustrating lesson though is that you should always keep a solid archive of your materials and you should always make sure your work is current. Had I done both of those for starters there would have been no last minute problems — because there are always last minute problems.

Lucky for me, the Apple Geniuses at the Millenia Mall in Orlando were very, very helpful and some of the damage was mitigated. It also turned out to be a software problem and not a hardware problem.